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  • “Move Fast and Break Things”

    “Move Fast and Break Things”

    Mark Zuckerberg does not look comfortable on stage. Yet, there he was proclaiming that “the future is private”. If someone has to tell you that they care about your privacy, they probably don’t. For someone trying not to appear like a cartoon villain, Zuckerberg doesn’t do a great job. He gives the impression of some […]

  • Firefox Privacy: 2021 Update

    Firefox Privacy: 2021 Update

    A lot changed between 2019 and now, not least in regards to Firefox. Since our last post, Mozilla has improved privacy with Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP). Earlier this year Mozilla introduced Total Cookie Protection (Dynamic First Party Isolation dFPI). This was then further tightened with Enhanced Cookie Clearing. We’re also looking very forward to Site […]

  • Virtual Insanity

    Virtual Insanity

    Not so long ago, the world was predicting the end for Facebook. Now it is no more. Gone from the face of the planet – never to be seen again. Except it isn’t. Facebook has not disappeared. No, not even the damning ‘Facebook Papers’ can shut it down. Mark Zuckerberg stood up on stage, and […]

  • Welcome to Privacy Guides

    We are excited to announce the launch of Privacy Guides and r/PrivacyGuides, and welcome the privacy community to participate in our crowdsourced software recommendations and share tips and tricks for keeping your data safe online. Our goal is to be a central resource for privacy and security-related tips that are usable by anybody, and to […]